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Main Events Working trip of the governor V.Yu. Golubev to Azov

Working trip of the governor V.Yu. Golubev to Azov

Date of an event: Aug. 23, 2020

In the program of a working trip:

Visit and acquaintance to work of LLC Diversified Enterprise Complex 1.

Acquaintance to the performed work on repair of the highway on Moskovskaya Street.

Survey of improvement of the public territory on Pushkin Street.


Reference information

LLC Diversified Enterprise Complex 1 (Druzhby St., 48).

The enterprise is founded in 1991 by teachers and research associates of road faculty of the Rostov construction institute, a long time being engaged in development and deployment of information technologies in various industries of transport. Candidate of Technical Sciences Robert Vladimirovich Li became the initiator of creation of the enterprise and its permanent head.

One of the main directions of activity of the enterprise — production and installation of steel combined tanks. Thanks to a set of advantages they won the market as highly hygienic, durable, convenient in installation, service and transportation.

Other activity of the enterprise — new technologies under repair and the maintenance of highways. Experience of the European countries in this industry was studied: Germany, Spain, France and also Korean Republic. On own means the enterprise bought in 1996 the modern import marking car on the basis of the truck and began works on a horizontal marking in the Rostov region. Now the enterprise is equipped with the big park of marking cars for a marking paint and by cars for a marking thermoplastic and spray plastic. Independently the enterprise is engaged in assembly of razmetochny cars for own use. Works are performed in Rostov and other areas. The plant on design and production of road LED signs, solar power stations and the systems of autonomous lighting on the most modern technologies works.

In 2015 the products of the enterprise (combined Iceberg tanks from stainless steel) received the certificate "Are made to Dona".

In 2019 the enterprise became the winner of a regional competition in the sphere of business "Don Business" in the "Best Subject of Small and Medium Business in the Production Sphere" nomination.


activity of Azov in the sphere of road economy

The city of Azov has the extent of public highways of local value of 162.7 km, from them a share of the public highways of city value which are not meeting regulatory requirements – 40.2%, at average on area on public highways of city value – 44.6%.

For 2020 within the regional draft "Road network" of the national project "Safe and Qualitative Highways" of administration of Azov, means of federal and regional budgets are provided of 272,495.0 thousand rubles, from them on:

 - capital repairs of the highway on Kagalnitskoye Highway St. (I site) - 54,434.8 thousand rubles (MK   about SUE RO RostovAvtoDor, work completion time - is concluded 01.09.2020. Technical readiness - 85%);

- capital repairs of the highway on Kagalnitskoye Highway St. (II site) - 174,361.4 thousand rubles (means are provided, the planned MK imprisonment term - September, 2020);

- repair of the highway on Moskovskaya St. - 43,698.8 thousand rubles (MK about SUE RO RostovAvtoDor, work completion time - is concluded 01.09.2020. Technical readiness - 100%).


improvement of the public territory to the address: Rostov region, Azov, Pushkin St. limited to Boulevard Petrovsky and Chekhov St.

20.07.2020 the municipal contract between MKU of Azov "Department of Housing and Public Utilities" and LLC NPF ROSTAGROPROMAVTODORSERVICE is signed.

The sum of the municipal contract is 1,989.9 thousand rubles from which: regional budget of-1,536.0 thousand rubles; the local budget (including means of legal entities and individuals) - 453.9 thousand rubles.

Work completion time - till October 01, 2020.

The structure of works included actions for laying of paving slabs with the spreading layers from the crushed-stone and sandy basis, installation of onboard stones, works on the device of parterre lawns and also parking spaces with drawing a marking as thermoplastic. All above-stated types of works are executed in full.

Besides, works on installation of benches and ballot boxes are planned.

Technical readiness of an object as of 20.08.2020 makes 98%.

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