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Date of an event: On Aug. 21, 2020 13:00

Venue: co-working center "Boiling point", Rostov-on-Don, Sedov St., 6/3, 1 floor

Participates: Governor of the Rostov region Vasily Yuryevich Golubev

 Live video broadcasting will take place

Reference information 

For successful development of the region not officials, but citizens have to be the main source of initiatives. The last word in the solution of the major questions of life of the region has to remain behind them.

National Council project 

Within the National Council project of 680 thousand inhabitants of Don expressed what it is important to make for overcoming consequences of a pandemic and preparation for life in new conditions.

As a result, according to the decision of "National council", 500 million rubles are directed to purchase of cars of "Ambulance", transport for district doctors, the equipment for school cafeterias.

Let's Make Together project

The government of the Rostov region supported proposals of inhabitants on development of places in which live. So the Let's Make Together project - the mechanism of financial support of local initiatives was born.

For this purpose a year ago in the Rostov region the law on initiative budgeting was adopted and the decision to allocate 272 million rubles for its realization is made. Today these means are embodied in hundreds of specific projects on places.

The project "Rostov - on - to the House. Digital leaders"


One more priority of the Government of the Rostov region in expansion of space of initiative – creation of new opportunities for young people. In the sphere of IT technologies for young innovators the project "Rostov - on - to the House is created. Digital leaders". It got support at the federal level, is included in number of regional stages of the all-Russian competition "Digital Break". Now Don "tsifrovizator" will be able to learn from the strongest experts of the country.

Governor's Control project

Management is not only delegation of powers and creation of opportunities. Control of working processes, assessment of efficiency of actions of each link of an administrative system is not less important. Only in this case efforts of society and the power not "will go to sand", and will be embodied in the expected results. Development of such systems is especially relevant, considering the increasing speed of construction of social objects, engineering infrastructure. One of solutions of a task - start of the Governor's Control project. It is the direct channel of obtaining information from the places on the most significant objects which are especially realized within national projects. The project at the beginning of a year started and already brought results.

Development of the regional standard of wellbeing of the person

The government of the Rostov region began development of the regional standard of wellbeing of the person. It has to fix not reduced indicators of quality of life to Dona, having ensured their effective functioning in reality, but not on paper. Now there is a series of expert discussions on the priority directions of the standard. To development of the standard all active and initiative residents of Don region are invited.

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