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Main Events Working trip of the governor V.Yu. Golubev to Millerovsky district

Working trip of the governor V.Yu. Golubev to Millerovsky district

Date of an event: Jul. 17, 2020

In the program of a working trip:

Acquaintance to work of the center of support of businessmen of My Business of Millerovsky district.

Acquaintance to work of the Magic seven-petal flower camp to day stay of children at high comprehensive school No. 4 of Mr. Millerovo.

Acquaintance to work of state governmental agency of the Rostov region "Rostov regional search and rescue service" Millerovsky search and rescue group. Inspection of special cars for disinfection for implementation of measures for prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the territory of the Rostov region.


Reference information

Centers of support of businessmen My Business in the Rostov region

The network of the centers of support of businessmen My Business is created at the request of the governor of the Rostov region V.Yu. Golubev within implementation of the "Small and Medium Business and Support of an Individual Enterprise Initiative" national project.

The centers unite in themselves resources of a number of the institutes of development created in the region including ANO – "Rostov Regional Agency of Support of Business" microfinancial company, NPO "Guarantee fund of the Rostov region", JSC Regional Leasing Company of the Rostov Region, ANO Center of Support of Export of the Rostov Region, ANO Agency of Innovations of the Rostov Region, the Center of cluster development, the Regional center of engineering and also the Representative for protection of the rights of businessmen and business associations of the region (SUPPORT of RUSSIA, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business Russia).

Besides, on the basis of the centers "My Business", windows of reception of "MFC for business" and consultants on the beginning of conducting business activity work. It is an opportunity in the mode of "one window" to receive more than 250 services.

In the Rostov region the network of five centers (in the cities of Rostov-on-Don, Shakhty, Novocherkassk, Volgodonsk, Taganrog) created in 2019 works.

In 2019 the centers rendered more than 14.5 thousand information and consulting services to seven thousand subjects of small and medium business and also 3.5 thousand natural persons.

The region's sixth My Business center is created in Millerovo at the request of the governor of the Rostov region V.Yu. Golubev given within the online forum "New calls. New decisions" which took place on June 4 of this year.

The new center will serve all northern zone of the Rostov region and is ready to reception of businessmen since July 15 of this year. In the center three windows of reception, including a window of reception of the multipurpose center for business, three workplaces for subjects of small and medium business, a zone of comfortable expectation, the meeting room and a conference room with a capacity of 30 people are provided.

On creation of the My Business center in the city of Millerovo in 2020 funds of 6,243.0 thousand rubles for acquisition of computer office equipment, equipment for a video conferencing, furniture, implementation of the corporate style "my Business", including on production and installation of navigation aids, signs, on communication services, rent of rooms, including utilities are allocated.

MBOU high comprehensive school No. 4 of the city of Millerovo

The municipal budgetary educational institution high comprehensive school No. 4 is located at the address: Mendeleyev St., 37, Mr. Millerovo, the Rostov region.

The schoolhouse with a total area of 4473 sq.m. consists of two blocks of variable number of storeys connected by transitional corridors. Planned fullness – 700 children in one change, the actual fullness – 789 students. Educational process is conducted in 2 changes.

In August, 2019 the capital repairs of an object "Capital complex repairs of the building of MBOU SOS No. 4 located at the address: Mendeleyev St., 37, Mr. Millerovo, the Rostov region" for the total amount of 147,314.2 thousand rubles are completed (136,560.1 thousand rubles from the regional budget, 10,754.1 thousand rubles from the local budget).

At school there are sporting venues: track and field athletics stadium, circular racetrack, football field, playgrounds, two gyms, hall for choreography. There is an assembly hall on 50 places with the modern concert equipment.

The school is equipped with modern furniture, the computer and research equipment. In all classes interactive boards, projectors are established. There is a modern information and library center.

For catering services of students there is a dining room on 100 places equipped with professional processing equipment for own production.

On the basis of school from 13.07.2020 the camp with day stay of children "Magic seven-petal flower" with the thematic developing program of change "A holiday every day" which is visited by 90 students works.

The camp works according to the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor in the conditions of spread of new coronavirus infection: in all rooms and in the territory of school, disinfection events are regularly held, daily before work "the entrance filter" with carrying out non-contact control of body temperature is organized, skin antiseptics is used, access to the territory of school of the faces which are not tied with activity of the school camp is limited. In rooms, bactericidal irradiators of air of recycling type are used. On special control observance of social distancing.

The principal is Victor Grigoryevich Bondarev.

Millerovsky search and rescue group

Millerovsky PSO is created in December, 2015 within action of "The regional target program for increase in traffic safety in the territory of the area" and is a part of the Rostov regional search and rescue service. The main objective of group is carrying out search and rescue works in the conditions of emergency of natural and technogenic character and also assistance to people, in distress in the conditions of the environment and at other accidents.

The allowed types of works: search and rescue works; gas-rescuing works; the wrecking connected with fire fighting.

The number of staff of Millerovsky PSO GKU RO "RO PSS" is 18 rescuers. Together with regional rescuers in group 6 municipal rescuers serve.

Additional training of employees in additional specialties – a gazodymozashchitnik, the master of a gazodymozashchita, a kompressorshchik, the rescue sailor and to other additional professions which allow with higher quality is constantly provided and in a short time to carry out tasks of elimination of emergency of natural and technogenic character.

On arms of group there are 7 units of the special equipment: the tow truck for trucks; ASM-7, MLPK, ASM on the basis of the car of the increased passability; point of heating on the basis of the KamAZ truck; snow and swamp-going vehicle, car of management and communication VAZ 212140 "Field".

From the moment of foundation of group the rescuers made 1443 departures for elimination of emergency of technogenic and natural character, elimination landscape and wildfires, mitigations of consequences of bird flu, elimination of jams on the route at snow drifts, sanitation of socially important objects in the conditions of spread of a viral infection of COVID-19. Rescuers of this division conduct constantly preventive raids among the population of the area on fire-prevention prevention and also by rules of conduct on water objects. Conduct active scheduled maintenance among younger generation. The group is in readiness for emergency elimination.

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