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Main Events Visit to the Rostov region president, chairman of the board of PJSC Sberbank German Gref

Visit to the Rostov region president, chairman of the board of PJSC Sberbank German Gref

Date of an event: Jul. 16, 2020

In the visit schedule:

Visit of agrarian and industrial complex Bessergenevskaya (the station Bessergenevskaya, Oktyabrsky district) where demonstration of work of unique domestic technologies of artificial intelligence for cleaning of grain crops will take place. Operation of the industrial pilotless combine (with the Russian system of off-line control Cognitive Agro Pilot) in real process of harvesting of grain crops will be shown. Also the effective economic model of work of agroeconomy with new robotic technologies will be presented.

Signing of the cooperation agreement between the Government of the Rostov region and Sberbank of Russia Public joint stock company concerning development of digital technologies in the territory of the Rostov region.

An agreement is signed:

- from the Government of the Rostov region Vasily Yuryevich Golubev is the governor of the Rostov region;

- from PJSC Sberbank Gref German Oskarovich is a president, the chairman of the board of PJSC Sberbank

Reference information

The pilotless combine is a development within the innovative project "Clever Agriculture". The project is directed to mass use of pilotless technologies and high-precision navigation in agriculture. Already today the combine with the autopilot moves on in advance planned trajectory, adhering to the set way with an accuracy of 10 cm, and at detection on the way of the combine of obstacles the autopilot automatically stops the car — a warning of a hindrance goes to the operator. 

About LLC Bessergenevskoye Agroenterprise of Oktyabrsky district of the Rostov region

LLC Bessergenevskoye Agroenterprise is formed in 2007 on the basis of state farm Bessergenevsky and located in the village of Bessergenevskaya. The enterprise since 1992 Veniamin Mikhaylovich Kozlov directs.

Primary activities of the enterprise: crop production and livestock production.

In 2019 the harvested acreage under grain and leguminous crops made 5855 hectares, gross collecting made 25455 tons at productivity of 43.5 c/hectare. Sunflower 2409 tons from the area of 1067 hectares at productivity of 22.6 c/hectare were threshed. Gross gathering vegetables of the open ground and potatoes made 1180 tons and 1875 tons respectively.

In 2020 the harvested acreage of grain and leguminous crops makes 7680 hectares, is already removed by 3081 hectares, gross collecting made 13525 tons at productivity of 43.9 c/hectare.

Since 2015 the enterprise is engaged in cultivation of breeding number of cattle of the Kalmyk breed and since 2019 is the breeding enterprise for cultivation of sheep of tsigaysky breed.

The livestock of the breeding cattle in economy contains 2370 heads, including 618 heads of cows. The livestock of breeding sheep contains 1908 heads, including ewes and is bright years of 1035 heads are more senior.

For 2019 by economy it is made on slaughter of the cattle in the live weight of 137.2 tons, sold breeding young growth of cattle of 59 heads with a total live weight of 21400 kg, 132 heads of breeding are realized with a total live weight of 3,829 kg is bright.

In the enterprise there are 122 heads of horses, including 35 konematok of the Budyonnovsk and Don breed, 22 heads of foals in the current year are received.

Since 2018 the enterprise is engaged in commodity fish breeding of a carp, silver carp and cupid. The area of a water mirror of ponds is 200 hectares. In 2019 232.3 tons of commodity fish are produced.


cooperation of the Government of the Rostov region with PJSC Sberbank

In February, 2018 the cooperation agreement between the Government of the Rostov region and PJSC Sberbank is concluded. The subject of the agreement is implementation of the priority national, federal, industry and regional projects providing formation of favorable investment climate in the Rostov region, increase in investment attractiveness of municipal units and competitiveness of the commercial organizations of the Rostov region, growth of welfare of the population.

Representatives of PJSC Sberbank are included in the structure of council for investments at the Governor of the Rostov region and council for issues of credit and financial activity in the sphere of development of business of the Rostov region and also in the structure of the working group on development of communication networks for ensuring functioning of bank infrastructure in the Rostov region.

With assistance of PJSC Sberbank on the basis of the Ministry of Economic Development of area the departmental pilot project "Thrifty Ministry" is started. For successful implementation of the project of PJSC Sberbank training of leadership team and working group of the ministry in bases of "Lean production" and methodology of "Gemba" is provided.

PJSC Sberbank is also one of the most active partners of RO Guarantee Fund non-profit organization in programs of providing guarantees to subjects of small and medium business for credit agreements. Since the beginning of activity by fund 412 contracts which allowed to attract financing for the sum about 4.5 billion rubles are signed. Also the fund actively works with the settlement account opened in bank and has two existing deposit contracts for the sum of 485.1 million rubles.

Besides, the staff of PJSC Sberbank provides consulting services to subjects of MSP of the region on the basis of the emergency situational center of the Rostov regional agency of support of business.

About the signed agreement

The parties intend to develop cooperation on the directions:

- development of electronic and payment projects in the Rostov region (including, projects on non-cash payment of travel by public transport and school meals, introduction of the cash-out system in rural areas of the Rostov region, and other);

- introductions and development in the Rostov region of new digital technologies within the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" and the connected national projects of the different industries;

- formations and implementation of offers for the road map of digital transformation of the branches of economy of the Rostov region;

- developments of offers on introduction and development in the Rostov region the automated systems for realization of actions of the concept "Digital region".

About PJSC Sberbank

PJSC Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia with the widest network of divisions (14.2 thousand) offering all range of investment banking services. A founder and the main controlling shareholder of PJSC Sberbank is the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (at the regulator of 50% of authorized capital).

PJSC Sberbank today is 11 territorial banks and more than 14 thousand offices in 83 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. Only in Russia at PJSC Sberbank more than 98 million clients – are more than a half of the population of the country, and abroad 3 million people use services of PJSC Sberbank.

PJSC Sberbank is in the lead by the number of the served clients – legal entities (over 1 million enterprises – from 4.5 million registered legal entities in Russia). About a third of the corporate loan portfolio falls to the share of the small and medium companies.

Following the results of 2019 the bank got 845 billion rubles of net profit under Russian accounting standards. The indicator exceeded result for the same period of 2018 (833 billion rubles).

In 2019 PJSC Sberbank is paid to the budget of the Rostov region to 3,699.5 million rubles of tax assignments. The operating loan portfolio of the enterprises and organizations of area is more than 143 billion rubles, gain for 2019 was more than 21 billion rubles.

In 2019 the total volume of crediting of small business entities of the Rostov region was more than 11.7 billion rubles from which 4.7 billion rubles were allocated under various forms of the state support.

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