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Main Events Working trip of the governor V.Yu. Golubev to Shakhty

Working trip of the governor V.Yu. Golubev to Shakhty

Date of an event: Jul. 15, 2020

In the program of a working trip:

Acquaintance to work of separate division of LLC Avangard (Yakutsky Lane, 2);

Visit and acquaintance to work of industrial complex LLC Novorossiysk Rolling Plant (Chaplygin St., 54).


Reference information

Separate division of LLC Avangrard

 The head enterprise LLC Avangard is located in Tosno (Leningrad Region). The separate division to Shakhty is opened in 2013.

The main activity – production of nonwoven textile fabrics and products from them (napkins, a nonwoven cloth).

The average number of workers – 509 people.

The enterprise carries out active investment policy, alternating fund-raising cycles on acquisition of the equipment  to production debugging processes. The volume of investment since 2017 was 1.5 billion rubles, including in 2019 – 0.8 billion rubles.

3 lines of release of a nonwoven cloth and 2 shops of production of napkins work at the enterprise.

In 2020 the next modernization for increase in the output is carried out. Until the end of 2020 it is planned to start 5 more production lines of wet towel wipes.

In 2021, construction of warehouse and start of the line of a nonwoven cloth is planned.

LLC Avangard acts as the initiator of the project on construction of the plant on production of polyester shtapelny fiber. Now design is conducted. The estimated volume of investment –  1,500 million rubles. The planned number of staff – 260 people.

LLC Novorossiysk Rolling Plant 

LLC Novorossiysk Rolling Plant (enters into the NOVOROSMETALL group) is the owner of the steel works in the city of Shakhty of the Rostov region which was earlier belonging to LLC REMZ (it is declared bankrupt).

By results of a public auction in February, 2020 the industrial complex to Shakhty is acquired by LLC Novorossiysk Rolling Plant. Calculation for the transaction is made in full, the contract is complete.

Before registration for the new owner of hazardous production facilities in the federal register and obtaining the license for production operation (approximately – August-September, 2020), production activity on capacities of plant is carried out by LLC Tikhy Don-3000 (also enters the NOVOROSMETALL group) having necessary permissions and which kept jobs due to employment of employees from among personnel of LLC REMZ.

Since the beginning of year the volume of the made products was 3,441 million rubles, in kind – 117.1 thousand tons of nepreryvnolity preparation and 55.5 thousand tons of fittings. Transferred tax payments into budgets of all levels for the sum more than 116.5 million rubles.

Within the next three years the NOVOROSMETALL group it is planned to invest in modernization of the existing production over 500 million rubles that will allow to increase the power of steel-smelting production to 900 thousand tons of steel cast preparation a year.

In the investment projects planned to realization construction of the second rolling shop equipped with the wire line of production of a rod iron worth over 5 million euros is considered.

As perspective projects the possibility of the organization of release of corners and channels and also goryachebriketirovanny iron is considered.

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