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Main Events Plenary session "Crop production of Russia: strategic reference points and instruments of their achievement"

Plenary session "Crop production of Russia: strategic reference points and instruments of their achievement"

Date of an event: On Jul. 10, 2020 13:00

Action format: in the videoconference mode

Carries out: Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation D.N. Patrushev

List of participants:

representatives of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation;

ranking officers of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation;

the heads of governing bodies of agrarian and industrial complex of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation and deputy heads supervising questions of crop production and mechanization of agriculture;

heads of Federal State Budgetary Institution Rosselkhozcentre and Federal State Budgetary Institution Gossortkomissiya and also heads of the advanced their branches in regions;

heads of the centers and stations of agrochemical service, centers of chemicalixation and agricultural radiology, mashinoispytatelny stations, Federal State Budgetary Institution Meliovodhozy;

representatives of agricultural science and education; representatives of the industry unions, associations and periodicals; representatives of financial structures, the organizations interacting with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

One of agenda questions: the report of the governor of the Rostov region V.Yu. Golubev "About the course of harvesting in 2020" (in the mode of Aerospace Forces from Belokalitvinsky district where the governor is with a working trip)

Reference information

To Dona the harvest season goes on the area more than 3.2 million hectares. Weather conditions allow to conduct cleaning by high rates. Removed nearly a half from the total harvested acreages. Gross collecting exceeded 5 mln tons. At the same time on quality of 90% of collected grain – 3-4 classes. 

Landowners apply highly productive domestic, including the Don selection, seeds. Farms carry out active technical modernization.  

The Rostov region, despite a difficult economic situation, maintained subsidizing of a part of cost of the equipment acquired by peasants made in the region this year. According to leasing programs it is concluded contracts for 1.5 billion rubles, on the soft investment loans – for 2 billion rubles. Thanks to it since the beginning of year 205 combines and 382 tractors purchased. The Don region not only provides the requirements, but also actively participates in export programs of the country.

Problem of the Rostov region – this year to export agricultural products not less than for 5 billion US dollars. 

About branch of crop production in Belokalitvinsky district

Results of cleaning of grain and commercial crops in 2019.

According to body of statistics the harvested acreage of grain and leguminous crops in 2019 made 80.7 thousand hectares, gross collecting made 212.1 thousand tons (in 2018 – 209.5 thousand tons), productivity - 25.9 c/hectare (in 2018 – 26.7 c/hectare).

Oil-bearing crops are removed from the area of 26.3 thousand hectares, gross collecting made 44.2 thousand tons (in 2018 – 36.7 thousand tons), productivity of 16.0 c/hectare (in 2018 – 10.9 c/hectare). Including sunflower is threshed on the area of 23.9 thousand hectares, gross collecting made 42.2 thousand tons, productivity of 16.9 c/hectare.

The area of a winter wedge on the harvest eve of 2020 was 58.3 thousand hectares.

All sowed seeds are checked and standard, are seeded from 100% by application of fertilizers. Summer cultures are seeded on the area of 50.7 thousand hectares (100%). In February-March, 2020, works on fertilizing of a winter wheat are carried out. In total 58.3 thousand hectares or 100% of the plan are fed up.

Cleaning of early grain crops is conducted. According to operational data on 06.07.2020 9.7 thousand hectares are removed, grains about 30.7 thousand tons at productivity of 31.6 c/hectare are threshed (2019 – 28.2 c/hectare). Including the winter wheat (plan of 56.1 thousand hectares) is threshed on the area of 9.4 thousand hectares, gross collecting made 29.5 thousand tons, productivity of 31.5 c/hectare.

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