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Main Events Acquaintance of the governor V.Yu. Golubev to progress in cleaning of early grain

Acquaintance of the governor V.Yu. Golubev to progress in cleaning of early grain

Date of an event: Jul. 3, 2020

Venue: field of JSC Taganrog Poultry Farm (settlement. New seaside, Neklinovsky district)


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the forecast for a harvest in the current year

It is necessary to remove about 3 million 300 thousand hectares of early grain crops the Rostov region. Now in the area the dry and hot weather was established, it promotes maturing of grain and leguminous crops and carrying out harvest works.

More than a half of districts of the area started cleaning of early grain and leguminous crops. About 20% of harvested acreages of early grain and leguminous crops are cleaned, grains more than 1 million tons at productivity are threshed about 30 c/hectare.

In the first decade of April as a result of an insufficient amount of precipitation during the autumn and winter and spring periods on all area of winter crops of cultures the decrease in reserves of moisture in a meter soil layer for 20 – 25% in comparison with the same period of 2019 was observed. From 2.8 million hectares of winter crops on the area of 1.06 million hectares the essential deficiency of moisture was observed that constrained development of plants.

On the basis of the analysis which is carried out by experts the gross collecting early grain crops is predicted at the level of 10.2 million tons that there is 11% less than the level of last year. The productivity, early grain and leguminous crops is expected within 30 – 32 c/hectare (for the previous 5 years – 34.3 c/hectare).

About JSC Taganrog Poultry Farm of Neklinovsky district

JSC Taganrog Poultry Farm is formed in October, 1973. Since 2013 the director Ilya Vladimirovich Peretyatkin.

Primary activities of the enterprise - production and sales of products of agriculture: crop production – cultivation of grain, leguminous, commercial crops, cultivation of young growth of a bird, production of breeding egg, production of commodity egg, production of egg and proteinaceous powder, processing of fowl.

The productivity for 2019 on the enterprise was grain crops 50.1 c/hectare, sunflower of 39.8 c/hectare.

On the harvest eve of 2020 it was seeded a winter wheat on the area of 5280 hectares, summer barley of 110 hectares. At the enterprise there is already a cleaning of early grain crops. 

For the last 4 years at the enterprise the Spanish equipment on four cases on cultivation of young growth of a bird and on 15 poultry-farming cases is installed and also modernization of the shop of sorting and packing of egg where the egg sorting car "Moba-Omniya-XF 330", the performance of sorting of 120 thousand pieces an hour is set is carried out.

The park of agricultural machinery consists of 22 tractors, 19 combine harvesters, 29 trucks and 5 loaders.

498 people, including in crop production - 65 people, in livestock production - 433 people constantly work at the enterprise.

Received subsidies in 2019 – 7380.2 thousand rubles. 

Cleaning of a winter wheat is conducted in the field by the area of 100 hectares, productivity of 45 c/hectare. In the field there are 6 combines "Torum — 750", 4 cargo cars and one fire tractor.

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