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Main Events The regional dramatized holiday "Day of Tanais"

The regional dramatized holiday "Day of Tanais"

Date of an event: On Sep. 14, 2019 09:00

Venue: Myasnikovsky district, x. Nedvigovka


On September 14, 2019 9.00-17.00

9.00-17.00. All day expositions and exhibitions of memorial estate work: The museum of history of Tanais – in the new museum building; Exhibition complex – in the old museum building; The Museum of a historical suit – on the central estate of the reserve; The Ancient settlement Tanais is an exposition under the open sky.  


"Fair of crafts" (on the central estate of memorial estate along the asphalted platforms, roads and paths): ceramics, painting, wattled products from a rod and a cane, a souvenir doll, woodcarving, an embroidery, products from skin, products from beads, stained glass, etc.

Work of interactive platforms (in the open air): "An antique shooting shooting gallery" – in a defensive ditch of the ancient settlement; "Photo in a Historical Suit" studio – on the central avenue near a ticket office at Exhibition complex; the children's playground with free attractions: "An archaeological sandbox", "the Amforny shooting gallery" – in a protection opposite to a ticket office at Exhibition complex; a free attraction of "A photo in a picture" – on the platform at the southern entrance to the museum avenue, opposite to unenclosed scaffolds of excavations; production of memorable diplomas – in exhibition ranks.

Work of the museum and pedagogical center of memorial estate "Tanais" – a master class in ancient house craft "Weaving of belts" (on the central avenue near a ticket office at Exhibition complex) – for children and adults, individual training.

Work of the museum and pedagogical center of the Azov historical and archaeological and paleontologic memorial estate – the interactive program "In a Workshop of the Antique Artist" (on the avenue in exhibition ranks) – for children and adults, individual training.

10.00-16.30. Festive actions at the Tower of poets (central festive platform)

10.00. A ceremony of opening of a holiday – the dramatized representation. 

10.30. Dedication ritual in Tanais citizens: the sponsors and partners of memorial estate who made the significant contribution to its development and prosperity are devoted.

10.40. The welcome program of Society of the Don Greeks Tanais is the solemn speech on Greek, national dances, a parade of suits.

11.20. Production of the myth "Apple of discord" – with role participation of everyone.

11.40. "Pifiysky games" a competition of on-stage performance groups on a prize of spectator sympathies.

12.40. Solemn march and a welcoming speech by group of the Roman legionaries in an armor and the full fighting calculation (Don Military and Historical museum).

12.50. Competitions for the audience in not Olympic sports: sack-race, pulling of a rope, fight armwrestling, squeezing of weights, etc. To winners – prizes.

13.10. A draw of a festive lottery "Day of Tanais 2019". The main prize – the copy of a panafineysky amphora.

13.30. Game competition for the audience "the Oracle of Tanais". To the winner – an original prize. Rewarding of participants of the competition "Fight of Centaurs".

13.50. Demonstration performance of school of fencing Shamshire

14.00. Performance of the Taganrog ancient theater "Odeum": "Simposion of Dionysus".

15.00. The Tanaissky Olympic Games – production of Games in classical traditions of antique pentathlon with reconstruction of ancient sports technologies and professionally prepared participants; rewarding of Olympians – winners of Games: action based on the Ancient Greek Olympic Games. A prize to team champion – the copy of a panafineysky amphora.

16.30-17.00. End of festive action: the dramatized farewell to participants and guests of a holiday. Travel of the audience.

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