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Native of the village of the Gundorovsky Region of army of Donskoy. Studied singing in the Moscow conservatory (1877-1882), in Vienna and Italy. Soloist of the Moscow private Russian opera (1885-1887), Bolshoi Theatre (1887–1907). The first performer of many parties among which there is an Old Gipsy (S. Rachmaninov's Alecko), Susanin ("Life for the tsar" of M. Glinka), Ruslan, Melnik (A. Dargomyzhsky's "Mermaid"). In the spring of 1900 (together with L. Sobinov and the pianist N. Rosenberg) went on tour in Oryol, Kursk, Zhytomyr, Kherson, Nikolaev, Novocherkassk, Rostov, Taganrog. Taught singing in Moscow and Novocherkassk


Graduate of the Taganrog gymnasium. Graduated from the Kharkiv veterinary institute. One of founders and director of the State institute of scientific and practical veterinary science (Kharkiv, 1925–1930). Brought a personal contribution to elimination in Ukraine of plague and general pneumonia of cattle. It is arrested on a trumped-up case of "The All-Ukrainian counterrevolutionary organization of veterinarians and bacteriologists" (1930) and sentenced to 10 years. Rehabilitated posthumously (1960)


As "The Rostov speech" wrote on September 30, 1917, "S.N. Prokopovich's trip pursues one aim – to find out on the place how it is possible to take from country people perhaps bigger amount of bread for which both the army, and the population of northern provinces feel terrible need"


The coat of arms, flag and the anthem by the Don Cossacks were approved


The participant of Victory Day parade in Moscow (1945). The senior pilot of an assault aviaregiment lieutenant Gavrilov by August, 1944 made 93 fighting departures, destroyed 2 tanks, more than 20 tools, over 60 cars and 2 cargoes and ammunition warehouses, 2 planes.

Since 1956 the colonel Gavrilov – in a stock. Lived in Taganrog, worked at TAHKT of G.M. Beriyev. On the house where lived Hera, the commemorative plaque is established. Awarded with Lenin Orders, the Red Banner (three), Patriotic wars of the 2nd degree, the Red Star (two), medals


The congress noted that 1922-1923 academic year were year of revival of national education: the network of schools of the 1st step reached pre-war level, professional education of workers considerably grew, the network politprosvetuchrezhdeny is restored, material position of workers of education improved