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Before opening of school in the city private teachers were engaged in training of children


The building was built especially for the museum on the project of the academician of architecture A.A. Yashchenko.

The open museum was called "Donskoy" and had departments: prehistoric, historical, natural-historical, library, and since 1900 – special department of army regalia.

In February, 1941 received the status of the Museum of history of the Don Cossacks.

Now the Novocherkassk museum of history of the Don Cossacks represents the developed museum complex including House museum of the artist-painter of battle-pieces M.B. Grekov, House museum of the artist I.I. Krylov, the Atamansky palace and contains the relics of the Don Cossacks connected with its best traditions in the funds. Its richest collection has no analogs in the world and contains over 200 thousand objects. Pride of the museum – the only collection of the Cossack banners in the world, bunchuk, regimental standards of the Don Cossacks of the 18-19th centuries


Doctor of agricultural sciences, professor and head of the department of chemistry of the Don agricultural institute (1945-1985). Developed a calculation method of definition of mobile forms of minerals in carbonate soils of the USSR. Participant of the Great Patriotic War. Degrees, the Red Star, the Labour Red Banner, the Badge of Honour, medals is awarded with awards of Patriotic war 1y


As  the chief of the Novocherkassk Cossack courses army foreman Danilov told Ya.P. Arakantsev, cadets have no regimentals and footwear


Studied in the Rostov aero club (1937-1938). The commander of a link of the 2nd Guards fighter aviation regiment of the Air Force of the Northern Fleet second lieutenant Boky by May, 1943 made 385 fighting departures, in 30 air fights personally brought down 14 and in group one plane of the opponent.

Since 1965 the colonel N.A. Boky in a stock. Lived in Rostov, worked in the North Caucasian Department of Civil Aviation


Taught in the Rostov art school of M.B. Grekov (1953-1962), the Rostov construction institute (1968-1983). Chairman of the Rostov office of the Union of artists (1961–1968, 2001–2003). Author of numerous lyrical and industrial landscapes. The pictures "Twilight" and "Plowed land" were exposed at republican art exhibition (1954). A number of works from the Angarsk and Crimean cycles are stored in Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts


nowadays Regional versatile hospital No. 2 (data of 2016)


The chief engineer of management of cable and radio relay highways No. 9 of the Ministry of Communications of the USSR Ya. Rydnik directed installation of equipment. Since January 1, 1960 there passed the first telecast from Moscow. There was a possibility of creation of zone television (Rostov region, the Krasnodar and Stavropol regions)