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The contract is signed with the Belgian joint-stock company of the Rostov horse railroads.


The first highest technical educational institution in the south of Russia (NPI, nowadays - YuRGPU). With opening of institute the strong foundation for the higher technical education in the south of Russia was laid. For the more than century activity the higher education institution made the significant contribution to development of engineering education of Russia, having trained more than 150 thousand experts. Among them - seven Heroes of the Soviet Union, two Heroes of Russia, 23 Heroes of Socialist work and also outstanding scientists, inventors and designers, heads of the industry domestic enterprises, ministries and departments

Honored artist of RSFSR (1956). People's artist of RSFSR (1969). People's artist of the USSR (1976). Started acting career in the 30th years in Theatre of young workers (TRAM). Among its roles Prokhor ("Vassa Zheleznova" of M. Gorky), Podhalyuzin ("The people – we will get even" A. Ostrovsky), Andrey Makarov ("Under a Golden Eagle" Ya. Galana), the chairman of collective farm Yaresko ("Fresh wind" of A. Suichmezov), Serdyuk ("The Irkutsk history" of A. Arbuzov), Gordey Pozdnyshev ("Between heavy rains" A. Shteyna), the grandfather Shchukar and Panteley Melekhov ("Virgin Soil Upturned" and "Quiet Don" by M. Sholokhov)


The commander of the 3rd tank regiment of the 3rd armored brigade of the Southwest and Southern Burdeyny fronts participated in the Rostov defensive and offensive operations, in liberation of Rostov. For active participation and successful conducting tank raid as a result of which near Tatsinskaya the large fascist air base was destroyed to A.S. Burdeyny the rank of guard of the colonel was given. Awarded with the Orders of Lenin (two), Red Banners (four), Suvorova of the 2nd degree (two), Kutuzova of the 2nd degree, Patriotic war of the 1st degree, the Red Star (two). Honourable citizen of the village of Tatsinskoy.


After the termination of the Bataysk aviation school of the Merchant air fleet (1933) worked as the pilot-instructor. The initiator of flights at extremely small heights that reduced risk to be put at antiaircraft firing. The captain Taran by the end of September, 1944 made 660 fighting departures to the back of the opponent and on a first line. After demobilization participated in tests of transport aircraft and development of the international routes. Tragically died. Buried on Novodevichy Cemetery.