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Oktyabrsky district


Флаг Октябрьского района Герб Октябрьского района


346480, Rostov region, genitive. Stone quarries, Sovetsky Lane, 10

Phone numbers: (86360) 2-10-80, faxes (86360) 2-29-10 

Head of administration of the area

Lyudmila Vladimirovna Ovchiyeva

The chairman of the meeting of deputies – the head of Oktyabrsky district

Evgeny Petrovich Lugantsev

Contact phone number: 8 (86360) 2-28-50

History and geography

Oktyabrsky district as an independent administrative and territorial unit of the Rostov region is formed in February, 1938.

The area is located in a southwest part of the Rostov region and about 2 thousand occupy the territory. The area borders: in the north with Krasnosulinsky and Belokalitvinsky districts, in the West with the city of Novoshakhtinsk, Aksay and Rodionovo-Nesvetayevsky areas, in the south with Bagayevsky, Ust-Donetsky areas and the city of Novocherkassk.

The population is 72.3 thousand people.

Regional center of the item. Stone quarries it is located in 70 km from the regional downtown of Rostov-on-Don.

Administratively divided into 12 settlements:

  • Alekseevskoye rural settlement;
  • Artemovskoye rural settlement;
  • Bessergenevskoye rural settlement;
  • Kamenolomnensky city settlement;
  • Kerchikskoye rural settlement;
  • Kommunarskoye rural settlement;
  • Krasnokutskoye rural settlement;
  • Krasnoluchskoye rural settlement;
  • Krasyukovskoye rural settlement;
  • Krivyanskoye rural settlement;
  • Mokrologskoye rural settlement;
  • Persianovskoye rural settlement.

62 settlements are a part of the area.

Natural resources, minerals

The area has various minerals. The most important of them are anthracites of East Donbass. In spite of the fact that coal mining is conducted here more than 150 years which remained in subsoil industrial reserves of anthracites are estimated more than at 625 million tons. The available reserves of coal are the strategic potential for perspective development around the coal-mining industry and the enterprises of processing of coal production.

The area also has large reserves of mineral raw materials, brick raw materials, a construction stone and also gold fields.


The economy of the area is presented by the industries: agriculture, industry, trade, logistics and construction. These industries dominate in industry structure of economy of the area, both on volume indicators, and on the number of employed population.

For fuller use of the area which is available around economic and resource potential in the development strategy the diversification of economy of the area with priority orientation to an innovative way of development is approved.

In Oktyabrsky district over 159.9 thousand hectares of the lands suitable for agricultural production, including 117.3 thousand hectares of the arable land consisting generally of fertile chernozems.

The main directions of agricultural production are cultivation grain, sunflower, meat and dairy livestock production, poultry farming.

Комплекс по производству и переработке мяса индейки ООО «Индюшкин двор»

The largest agricultural enterprises: a complex on production and processing of meat of a turkey of LLC Indyushkin dvor, the plant on production of snack products of LLC Etna, LLC Markinskaya Poultry Farm.

Завод по производству снековой продукции ООО «Этна»

Primary branch of the industry of the area are the processing productions, including: production of foodstuff, production of other nonmetallic mineral products; production of other nonmetallic mineral products, production of cars, vehicles and equipment.

The largest industrial enterprises: complex of the plants on production of metalwork of LLC Ventall-Don, plant on production of cellular concrete of autoclave curing LLC KSMK-Sever, Markinsky brick-works, Rostov plant of packing and polygraphy, LLC Shakhta Oktyabrskaya-Yuzhnaya, LLC Don Plant of High-voltage Support.

One of priority types of activity is the logistic direction of retail chain stores which represents in the area the distribution center for providing with food and manufactured goods JSC Tander, retail network "Magnit", "Perekrestok", "Svetofor", etc.

Распределительный центр для обеспечения продовольственными и промышленными товарами АО «Тандер»

In the territory of Oktyabrsky district carry out activity of nearly 1700 subjects of small and medium business


Oktyabrsky district, being practically in the center of the Rostov region, is a transport corridor for the main railway and automobile lines connecting the country South with other Russian regions and the abroad.

Across the territory of the area there pass two highways of federal importance - the highway M-4 "Don" and M-19.

Also through the area there passes also one of the main railway lines of the country - the North Caucasian railroad (SKzhd).

At distance of 44 km. from the regional center – the item. Stone quarries, the international airport "Platov" is located.

Social sphere, culture

The educational network is presented by the Don state agricultural university, SEI SPO RO "October agrarian and technological technical school", MBOU Lyceum No. 82, MBOU Gymnasium No. 20, comprehensive schools - 22, comprehensive schools – 3, preschool educational institutions - 29.

Донской государственный аграрный университет

In the territory of the area 43 club institutions, 59 libraries, model libraries and library information centers, 2 schools of arts, the Center of cultural development are located.

Центр культурного развития

The network of healthcare institutions consists of central regional, two local hospitals, four out-patient clinics and 46 medical and obstetrical centers, children's policlinic.

Детская поликлиника, п.Каменоломни

There is a good base for sports activities – 310 sports constructions, the sports Field complex, the water sports improving complex "Don's Pools".

Водно-спортивный оздоровительный комплекс Бассейны Дона, п.Каменоломни

Subject of special attention in the area is social policy. For realization of social assistance to citizens, in the territory of the area function: MU "Center of Social Service of Citizens of Advanced Age and Disabled People" including social and rehabilitation office and also GU "Social Shelter for Children and Teenagers the Spark".

To services of guests of the area in Oktyabrsky district 9 collective means of placement are provided: Virgo, "Kawa di Pyetra", "Cranes", Volta, "Ear", Victoria, "Caravan", "Hostel", "Caucasian captive".

Гостиница Виктория, п.Каменоломни


Great interest for science and development of tourism is represented by the reserves "Gold Hills", "Dubrava of V.V. Dokuchayev", "Persianovsky Steppe" and wildlife areas of the area "Ayutinsky slopes" carried to valuable natural monuments, "the Pansky beam" and "the Osipovsky beam". Here many plant species included in the Red List of Russia grow, massifs of the virgin raznotravno-feather-grass steppe of Priazovye are kept, various animals and a game live.

One of the main attractions of Oktyabrsky district are a memorial complex "to Soldiers – to Winners", architectural and sculptural composition "Eternal flame", a memorial "The avenue of memory to residents of Oktyabrsky district, the dead and missing persons in days of the Great Patriotic War" and also an architectural complex "The avenue of heroes".

Мемориальный комплекс Воинам победителям

The Monuments of Christian culture located in the village Krivyansky, Bessergenevsky Zaplavsky are of historical value are the Churches of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God built in the 19th century and operating now, Sacred and Tychonoff, Sacred and Alekseevsky, Odigitriyevsky, Sacred and Troitsk and Sacred and Of St. George.

Храм Одигитриевский


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