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Neklinovsky district


Флаг Неклиновского района Герб Неклиновского района


346830, Rostov region, Neklinovsky district, village. Pokrovsk, Parkovy Lane, 1

Phone numbers: (86347) 2-13-97, faxes (86347) 2-13-96


Head of administration of the area

Vasily Fedorovich Danilenko

General information

Date of creation of the area - January 18, 1935.

The area of the municipal unit – more than 2.1 thousand

Population – 84.7 thousand people.

The administrative center – the village Pokrovsk

Distance to Rostov-on-Don – 75 km.


Neklinovsky district is located in a southwest part of the Rostov region. Its territory was stretched along Taganrog Bay of the Sea of Azov, from the East on the West - on 100 kilometers, from the South on the North - on 30 kilometers. Borders on Matveevo-Kurgansky, Myasnikovsky, Rodionovo-Nesvetaysky, Azov districts and Ukraine.

Неклиновский район

Neklinovsky district consists of 18 rural settlements uniting 126 settlements:

  • Andreevo-Melentyevskoye rural settlement;
  • Bolsheneklinovskoye rural settlement;
  • Varenovskoye rural settlement;
  • Vasilyevo-Hanzhonovskoye rural settlement;
  • Lakedemonovskoye rural settlement;
  • Natalyevskoye rural settlement;
  • Nikolaev rural settlement;
  • Novobessergenevskoye rural settlement;
  • Nosovskoye rural settlement;
  • Platovskoye rural settlement;
  • Pokrovsk rural settlement;
  • Polyakovskoye rural settlement;
  • Seaside rural settlement;
  • Sambekskoye rural settlement;
  • Sinyavskoye rural settlement;
  • Sovetinskoye rural settlement;
  • Troitsk rural settlement;
  • Fedorovskoye rural settlement.


Neklinovsky district was approved by the resolution of Presidium of VTsIK of RSFSR in 1935 as an independent administrative unit as a part of Azovo-Chernomorsky edge. After formation of the Rostov region in September, 1937 the area was its part. But its history began long before this date. Archeologists find objects of the Greek culture in the territory of the area. On local steppes, waves of great resettlement of the people headed by the powerful leader Atilla were rolled, and tribes of Cumans and kipchak wandered later. Pyotr I for the first time created here the unique system of the defensive works which were completely closing the southern border of Russia - three fortresses – Pavlovsk (near the present village of Gayevka), Troitsk (future Taganrog) and a redoubt the Turtle (around confluence of the Sambek River with the Sea of Azov).

Мемориал Самбекские высоты

Slava's memorial at Sambeksky heights — the memorial complex erected in Neklinovsky district of the Rostov region near the settlement of Sambek in honor of soldiers of the 130th and 416th rifle divisions. In August, 1943 the divisions participated in break of Mius-fronta and in liberation of Taganrog.

The villages of Varenovka, Sambek and the settlement Sovetka of Neklinovsky district are among settlements to which the honorary title of the Rostov region "A boundary of military valor" (decree of the Governor of the Rostov region of 02.05.2017 No. 38) is given.


Рыбоводство - одна из специализаций экономики Неклиновского района

Neklinovsky district - primordially agricultural, and it defines its economic activity and specialization: production of grain, vegetable, fruit and berry crops, products of livestock production and fish breeding. In the area the full-fledged structure of agricultural producers is created. The municipality traditionally occupies one of the leading positions in the area on such indicators as production of grain, sunflower, eggs.

Economy of the area are more than 2 thousand enterprises of various legal form. Dynamically small and medium business, the industry of service and trade develops.

The area has extensive network of roads: the railroad, federal Highway M23, the asphalted local roads. A priority is development and modernization of the water supply system.

Thanks to the developed infrastructure, subjects to managing and housing construction are under construction. Special attention is paid to formation of favorable investment climate, business development, support of small and medium business.

Social sphere

- 33 kindergartens and 32 comprehensive schools, 3 organizations of additional education for children: MBOU TO "The station of young technicians", MBOU TO "The center of out-of-school work", MBOU TO "Children's and youth sports school"; 2 children's schools of arts, children's music school, regional Recreation center, 42 club institutions culturally - leisure type, Intersettlement central library which part 35 departments in different settlements of the area are. Pride of the area is the Neklinovsky boarding school with initial flight training of a name of the 4th Air army Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner.

The health care system is presented by healthcare institution of MBUZ "Central District Hospital", 4 local hospitals, 10 medical out-patient clinics, 45 medical and obstetrical centers, 32 medical assistant's ambulance crews.

Much attention is paid to leisure of inhabitants. Around more than 160 sports constructions, including stadium, 82 open sports grounds, two multipurpose sports complexes in the regional center and the Polyakovsky rural settlement.

Rest and tourism

The geographical location of the area gives the chance to development of tourism and rest. Beautiful beaches, ravines, the turns Miusa, the blossoming gardens, boundless fields, amazing sunsets on the coast of Taganrog Bay, slopes of "the Miussky park", a bend of Beglitskaya Spit – and it not all that attracts vacationers to our region. The mild climate, fishing, tasty food, hospitality and a peculiar dialect of picturesque local community as a magnet attract tourists in Priazovye.

Неклиновский район

Historical and architectural objects and monuments of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 are also of interest to tourists:

  • 14 operating temples of the 18-19th centuries (the route on the holy sites of Neklinovsky district is created);
  • The Pavlovsk fortress as an illustration by Peter I's era – the monument of fortification art constructed under its decree;
  • A.B. Lakiyer's estate – a monument of engineering art of the 19th century;
  • memorial monument to heroes of break of the Miussky front and liberation of Taganrog "Sambeksky heights".

Неклиновский район

Neklinovsky district is the territory of pleasant and available rest. Gold beaches of the Azov coast – the wonderful place for reception of solar bathtubs. Along the estuary and the coast of the gulf the improving centers and recreation facilities are located, there is also a three-star club hotel Golden Fleece. The cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, modern methods and technologies of treatment will leave a remarkable impression about stay in such known improving centers as: sanatorium improving World complex; Red Landing boarding house; improving center "Romashka"; children's improving center "Sputnik" and some other.

Побережье Азовского моря в Неклиновском районе

On the hospitable neklinovsky earth, cultural and event and entertaining events are regularly held:

  • international festival of national cultures of "Coast of friendship",
  • children's ecological forum "Green Planet",
  • international festival competition "Poetichesky Bridge of Friendship",
  • interregional festival of the author's song "Pokrovsk Dawns",
  • regional creative project "Pokrovsky Boulevard",
  • regional educational forum of seniors "Step to the future".

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