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Ataman Platov's award

The regional law of 01.08.2011 No. 639-ZS "About Awards of the Rostov Region" approved the Ataman Platov's award.

The Ataman Platov citizens of the Russian Federation for the shown courage, fidelity and valor at execution of a military, office or civic duty, protection of law and order, elimination of natural disasters and emergency situations are awarded the order, for high achievements in the activity promoting revival and maintaining historical, cultural, spiritual traditions and also other activity contributing to the development of the Rostov region.


Ataman Platov's awards



The statute of an award, the description and drawings of an award, sample of the form of the certificate are approved by the Decree of the Government of the Rostov region of 30.09.2011 No. 9.

The medal of the Ataman Platov is worn on the right side of a breast and in the presence of the state awards of the Russian Federation and (or) the USSR is located below them.

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