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Salsk art museum of a name of the national artist V.K. Nechitaylo

Date of birth of the museum is on October 13, 1977 when the decision of the Secretariat of the Union of artists of RSFSR to the city of Salsk transferred a collection of the Soviet fine arts. It was made by seventy five works of painting, twenty three - schedules and forty six - sculptures. Transfer of works of the fine arts happened in connection with opening in the city of art gallery (it is renamed into the museum by the resolution of Administration of the Rostov region of 07.08.2002 No. 370).

In formation of the first collection the active support and personal participation was rendered by the National artist of RSFSR V.K. Nechitaylo, the native of Salsk. In delivery of the first collection, and then Vasily Aleksandrovich Shekhovtsov appointed the public director of art gallery participated in creation of the first exposition. Exhibits of that first collection are a basis of a constant exposition of the museum. The structure of the first collection was quite uniform, integral. All works at different times (50th, 60th, 70th) were purchased at all-Union and All-Russian exhibitions. In these works, anyway, the typicalness of shape of the whole era in the history of the Soviet and Russian fine arts was reflected. The fact that the first collection, involuntarily allowed to define also specialization in further sobiratelsky activity of the museum – a reference point on the modern fine arts became logical and natural.

The art museum with good collections of works of the modern fine arts in the small steppe city remote almost on two hundred kilometers from the regional center is pleasant surprising to guests and pride at residents and the area.

In funds of the museum, works by outstanding masters of the Soviet art and art of the periods of the middle and the end of XX - the beginning of the XXI centuries are presented.

In funds, art of the oldest Russian painters characterizes the first decades of the twentieth century: L.V. Turzhansky (1875-1945), N.M. Chernyshev (1885-1973) and Item A. Radimov (1887-1967); the 60th – the 70th years present works by national artists of the USSR: V.P. Efanov, B.S. Ugarov, V.A. Serov, V.F. Zagonek, Yu.P. Kugach, A.N. Osipov, G.S. Handzhyan, B.V. Scherbakova, B.F. Domashnikova, O.N. Komova; national artists of RSFSR: V.K. Nechitaylo, M.V. Savchenkova, A.I. Laktionov, V.G. Tsyplakov, P.P. Ossovsky, D.K. Mochalsky, V.I. Ivanov; honored artists of RSFSR: M.P. Konchalovsky, V.S. Sorokin, Yu.I. Skorikov, A.G. Lysenko, N.A. Plastov and many other outstanding masters of painting, graphics, sculpture and arts and crafts.

The fund of the museum contains over 3 thousand exhibits.

The Salsk art museum of a name of the national artist V.K. Nechitaylo – state budgetary institution of culture of the Rostov region.

Address: 347630, Salsk, Lenin St., 11,

ph.: (86372) 5-01-44,



Monument to the general S.L. Markov

In 2001 the initiative group on installation of a monument was created. In two years of work as initiative group the resolution of administration of the Salsk district on installation of a monument near the place of death of the general (on June 25, 1918 near the village of Shabliyevka of the Salsk district) in Salsk which till 1920 carried the name Markov was received. Opening of a monument happened on December 13, 2003 and was dated for the 85 anniversary of death of S.L. Markov.

Monument to the general S.L. Markov - a monument to the lieutenant general of the Russian imperial army, to the hero Russian-Japanese and World War I of wars. Is the Russia's first monument to the figure of the white movement.

The architect is Alexey Begunov, sculptors - Vladimir and Danila Surovtsevy.

Church of St. George of the village of Sandata of the Salsk district

The temple is put in 1898, consecrated in 1905, and repeatedly – on May 6, 1991 on a patronal feast day in honor of Georges the Victorious.

The building is built on the project of the architect P.S. Studenikin, famous to Don. Is an object of cultural heritage of regional value.

At the temple long and not so cloudless history. It was twice closed: in the 30th years of the 20th century, bells were removed, tried to blow up it three times. By the beginning of the 80th years there were walls and the main dome. The temple was used under a silage warehouse, a grain store. In 1989-1991 the temple revived: regular church services began. Buildings, crosses, the bell tower, paintings were restored. To the 100 anniversary of consecration of the temple (2005) icons are restored, the fence is updated, domestic constructions are repaired, flower beds are broken and domes are gilded. For big holidays the Church of St. George collects a huge number of the people – residents of neighboring villages and the cities, Salsk and even the neighboring areas and the republics.

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