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Aksay district


Флаг Аксайского районаГерб Аксайского района


346720, Aksay, Karl Liebknecht St., 132

Phone numbers (86350) 4-39-01, faxes (86350) 4-39-09

Head of administration of the area

Vitaly Ivanovich Borzenko


The Aksay district is located in a southwest part of the Rostov region and adjoins from East side to the city of Rostov-on-Don. The area occupies the space in 1156

Аксайский район

The distance from the administrative center - the city of Aksay - to the city of Rostov-on-Don makes: according to the card - 11 km, on the highway - 17 km. As a part of the area – 1 city and 10 rural administrations.

The population exceeds 113 thousand people.

As a part of the area:

  • Aksay city settlement

  • Bolshelogskoye rural settlement;

  • Verkhnepodpolnenskoye rural settlement;

  • Grushevskoye rural settlement;

  • Istominskoye rural settlement;

  • Lenin rural settlement;

  • Mishkinskoye rural settlement;

  • Olginskoye rural settlement;

  • Rassvetovskoye rural settlement;

  • Old Cherkassk rural settlement;

  • Shchepkinskoye rural settlement.


The first written mention of the settlement located in the territory of present Aksay belongs to 1570. The Cossack town repeatedly was exposed to ruinous attacks from Turks, the Crimean Tatars and Nogais. However convenient location on the high coast at confluence of the river of Aksay with Don, at the intersection of the overland roads conducting to the capital of Army of Donskoy – Cherkassk (nowadays St. Old Cherkassk), attracted people here again and again. In 1742 on the card the Ust-Aksaysky camp by the name of the river flowing here appears (from Turkic "Joint stock company SU" – white water).

The Aksay district (the center - Aksay) as an administrative unit exists since 1924.


Investment potential of the area is high and caused by a number of factors. It is possible to refer favorable arrangement of rather large transport ways to them, in particular across the territory of the area there passes M4 Don Highway, agroclimatic conditions, proximity to Rostov-on-Don. All this defined the main vectors of economic development. Among the priority directions - trade and logistics, tourism and a recreation, low construction.

Social sphere

The budget of the area carries social orientation. The main part of an account part of the budget of the area is focused on the solution of social problems.

Аксайский район

In the area dozens of comprehensive schools work, children's music schools and schools of arts, kindergartens, orphanage, a children's shelter, boarding school, military school, the regional center of additional education of children, children's junior sports school, the children's Friendship camp, an ice skating rink where sections of hockey and figure skating work work. The Aksay district one of the few rural areas where the network of city and rural recreation centers is in full kept, clubs and libraries function.

The health care of the area is presented regional and local hospitals, medical and obstetrical centers and out-patient clinics in rural settlements.


The old Cherkassk historical and architectural memorial estate which is a historical and cultural monument of federal importance is available to visit of tourists. It is the only complete complex of the monuments relating to the history of development of the Don Cossacks, now it unites more than 150 objects of culture.

Аксайский район

In the area much attention is paid to preservation of historical heritage. In the city the museum of local lore, the museum complexes "Customs Outpost", "Post Station", mentions of which are recorded in works by A.S. Pushkin, works. All these objects are united in "The Aksay military and historical museum".

Folklore festivals which are held in Old Cherkassk in the summer and during large holidays became "hallmark" of the village.

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