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Methodical recommendations

Methodical instructions on development of regional projects

The methodical instructions on development of national projects (programs) approved by the protocol of 14.10.2019 No. 12 (Explanations to methodical instructions on filling of forms of passports of national projects (programs) and federal projects)

Methodical instructions on preparation of regional projects of 30.11.2018 No. 9861p-P6

Methodical instructions on application of types of results and the standardized control points of federal projects of 22.03.2019 No. 2523p-P6

Methodical indications for the electronic budget

The user's guide to formation and coordination of passports of regional projects in a subsystem of management of national projects of the state integration information management system of public finance "The electronic budget"


Methodical instructions on development of national projects (programs) of 04.06.2018 No. 4072p-P6

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