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Interaction of the Government of the Rostov region with religious associations

Relationship of the Government of the Rostov region with religious associations is based in strict accordance with the Russian legislation on freedom of conscience and on religious associations. Orthodox Christians, Christians of other directions, Muslims, Jews and followers of other religions fully exercise the legal rights to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.

The main directions of interaction of religious associations with regional and local authorities are:

  • protection and realization of the rights and duties of religious people and religious orbjedineniye;

  • the spiritual and moral education, education and education connected with teaching in educational institutions of knowledge of religion;

  • social work, charity and mercy;

  • prevention of extremism and terrorism which is covered with the religious ideas;

  • repair and restoration of objects of cultural heritage – historical and cultural monuments;

  • ensuring public order in places of mass holding religious actions;

  • work in institutions of execution of punishments of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Rostov region;

The principled stand of the Government of the Rostov region is that its activity is directed to strict observance of legality in the sphere of religious life, on creation and maintenance between religious people and their associations, between religion and other social institutes of society of the relations of tolerance, peace and harmony.

The closest interaction is noted with the largest and traditional religious associations for Don people. So, the Don metropolitanate and the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Rostov region cooperate with regional authorities and local governments on the basis of a number of agreements.

The management of traditional religions supports with representatives of authorities and local government the partner constructive relations of interaction and cooperation in all areas in which there is the general interest. Interaction with other religious associations less intensively, is mainly connected with needs of the religious communities.

Structure and number of the local religious organizations in the territory of the Rostov region

(as of October, 2020)

Name of religion

Number of the organizations

Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchy




Evangelical Baptist Christians


Seventh-day Adventist Church


Christians of belief evangelical


Christians of belief evangelical are Pentecostal


Armenian Apostolic Church


Evangelical Christians


Old Believers


Roman Catholic Church




Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)




Not denominated Christian churches


Assyrian church


Evangelical Christians in the spirit of apostles




New apostolic church


Salvation army


Church of the Mother of God "Majestic"


Christians judaisers


Christ's church


Krishna's consciousness (Vaishnavism)



Religious groups. Except these religious organizations, by expert assessment, more than hundred religious groups act in the area - it is the voluntary associations of citizens formed for the joint confession and distribution of belief which are carrying out activity without the state registration and acquisition of legal capacity of the legal entity. Part of them, such as Baptists "separated" are not registered essentially. A part – were registered, but for various reasons it was not re-registered or are struck off the register (methodologists, Presbyterians, Molokans, dukhobor, Christ's Church, Buddhists, Pentecostals, Free ROC, Krishnaites, bakha, etc.). Many religious associations have, along with the registered religious organizations, "affiliated" religious groups: small parishes of ROC of the Moscow Patriarchy, the Old Believers, Baptists, Pentecostals, Mormons, Evangelical Christians, Adventists, Salvation Army, groups of Muslims presented by the people of the North Caucasus, etc.

Religious education. In the Rostov region establishment of the higher professional religious education "Don Theological seminary" Rostov - on - Don dioceses of Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchy works. In seminary according to various programs of training more than 535 people are engaged. The scientific magazine of the Don theological seminary "Teologos" was included into the national register of publications of the Russian scientific RINC.

Practically in all religious associations of area sunday schools work.

In educational institutions of the Rostov region the complex training course of "A basis of religious cultures and secular ethics" in 4 classes within an invariant (obligatory) part of the basic curriculum is implemented (1 hour a week).

Besides as an independent subject, an elective, elective course, the module as a part of other educational objects, in all municipal units of area the course "Bases of Orthodox Culture" is entered.

Religious media. In the region are published: "The messenger of the Don metropolitanate", "The bulletin of the Volgodonsk diocese", "The Don orthodox messages" (Shakhty diocese), the children's magazine Svechechka, television station of Don the Orthodox continue work.

International relations of the religious organizations. The religious organizations of area use the right for international relations with brothers in faith. Most actively Merging of Churches of Evangelical Baptist Christians of the Rostov region and Kalmykia, Christiaan Vera Evangelical the Mission "The youth with the Mission", the Roman Catholic Church, Tserkv Jesus Christ have Sacred last days this right (Mormons). Foreign citizens arrive generally from the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway and some other countries.

Social service of religious associations. Practically all religious associations of area carry out charitable activity generally in relation to the needing brothers in faith.

The Don metropolitanate is engaged in the most various and mass charity: in hospitals and hospitals works orthodox sisterhoods; charitable dining rooms work; in summertime, children's summer camps work, in Rostov-on-Don the advisory center of "Crisis pregnancy" functions; at a metropolitanate the rehabilitation center Rostov without Drugs works.

The rehabilitation centers have also other religious organizations: Union of EHB Churches, HVE "Outcome", Pentecostals. Nurseries summer the camp for the children will be organized by Jews, Baptists, Adventists, Pentecostals. The charitable help to prisoners is rendered by Orthodox Christians, Baptists, Adventists and Muslims.

Orthodox Christians, Protestants, Jews and Muslims participate in collecting donations to victims of natural cataclysms and social disasters.

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