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Regional hospital No. 2

The history of State Budgetary Institution RO of "experimental design bureau No. 2" was closely connected more than 40 years with the history of development of the Rostselmash plant. The plant developed – the health service developed. In 1927 the first medical and sanitary point was equipped. Since 1957 the municipal government of health care of Rostov-on-Don organized city hospital No. 10 on 175 beds. Since 1970 in hospital the polyclinic division appeared. In the next years, new cases - the physiotherapeutic case, (1977), delivery room on 120 beds were under construction (1979), v1980 to year the new five-floor therapeutic case is put in operation, in 1983 the system included the new five-floor building of urological office, in 1989 - the nine-floor therapeutic building with the uniform receiver for all hospital.

In 1989 in hospital the first city centers appeared: cardiological, pulmonary, endocrinological, allergologichesky, nefro-urological and limfocentre. For the first time in 1991 the department of a surgical infection was created.

In 1992 the first in Rostov-on-Don office of a wave lithotripsy is organized. Also the office of nephrology with Artificial Kidney laboratory was created.

In 2001 the reorganization is carried out and it is formed Regional Hospital No. 2 State Healthcare Institution.

Today State Budgetary Institution RO Oblastnaya klinicheskaya bolnitsa No. 2 is the modern multidisciplinary medical organization which structure includes advisory policlinic on 800 visits per shift, a hospital on 850 beds, including 55 beds of day stay, and auxiliary services (diagnostic and physiotherapeutic). State Budgetary Institution RO "experimental design bureau No. 2" annually receives the out-patient help more than 180 thousand people, stationary medical care – more than 24 thousand people.

In State Budgetary Institution RO "experimental design bureau No. 2" 325 doctors, from them 4 doctors of medical sciences, 35 candidates of science, 5 honored doctors of the Russian Federation work, 13 health workers are awarded government awards. Average medical personnel in hospital 503 persons.

The hospital is equipped with the modern medical equipment allowing to conduct at the highest level diagnostic tests and difficult surgeries, including endoscopic and laparoscopic that allows to lower percent of postoperative complications. The latest diagnostic technologies take root into full-time employment, the arsenal of clinical laboratory researches on modern hi-tech automatic analyzers is considerably expanded. 

Structure of State Budgetary Institution RO "experimental design bureau No. 2" includes 3 regional centers (the endokrinologogichesky center (including endocrinological office, an office of diabetic foot, an office of a diabetic retinopathy and school for patients with diabetes), the center of urology (including urological office on 70 beds and an office of rentgenkhirurgichesky methods of diagnostics and treatment from the operating room), the center of rentgenkhirurgichesky methods of diagnostics and treatment and also the center of medical rehabilitation (on a profile traumatology orthopedics and neurology), the center of treatment of acute and chronic pain.

Specialists of State Budgetary Institution RO of "experimental design bureau No. 2" provide to residents of the Rostov region hi-tech medical care on profiles: obstetrics and gynecology, traumatology and orthopedics, urology, gastroenterology, oncology, rheumatology and endocrinology.

For the purpose of approach of high-quality specialized medical care to country people the exit activity of advisory crews on applications of the municipal medical organizations is organized.

Since 2009 the exit Diabetes module equipped with the equipment for identification of complications of diabetes functions, consultations are held by doctors: ophthalmologist, cardiologist, nephrologist, surgeon, endocrinologist. Departures of teams of regional experts allow to increase availability and quality of rendering specialized medical care for patients with diabetes across all territory of the area that allows to improve identification of complications at early stages of a disease and to carry out prevention heavy diabetes complications.

From 01.02.2019 State Budgetary Institution RO Regional Hospital No. 2 Utemishev Marat Andreevich directs.


Address: Rostov-on-Don, 1st Konnoy Armii St. 33

Ph.: (863) 310-55-30

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