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Being "gate" of Russia to the countries of the Black Sea and Caspian basins, the Rostov region has the developed transport infrastructure presented by railway and automobile lines of federal importance, sea and river ports, the international airport "Platov".

Фото Дениса Демкова

Transport infrastructure of the region is a component of transport corridors – Cretan (No. 7) and transcontinental "North-South".

The Rostov region is crossed:

  • Highway "Don";

  • railway track Moscow - Rostov - the Caucasus;

  • navigable way down the river from the center of Russia to the Black and Mediterranean seas;

  • air passage St. Petersburg - Moscow - the Caucasian region.

Motor transport

Across the territory of the area there pass about 670 long-distance and suburban intermunicipal bus routes and about 150 interregional routes connecting all municipal units of area with a total length more than 80 thousand km. Bus stations and bus stations of area are united in uniform network.

Updating of the rolling stock remains the priority direction for 2018 that will allow to accelerate development of transport infrastructure, to considerably improve a financial and economic condition of transport enterprises, to increase tax revenues in budgets of all levels and also to increase quality of transport service of the population.

(for more details see Motor transport)

Railway communications

The main carrier of cargoes and passengers in internal and international messages in the region is the North Caucasian railroad – Russian Railways branch of JSC. Across the territory of the Rostov region the main railroads connecting the central, western regions of the country and Siberia with the southern region run. The junction railway stations providing reception, processing and departure practically of all types of cargoes work. Extent of railway tracks in the territory of the Rostov region is 1,859 km.

Water transport

In the Rostov region 126 shipping companies work. From them:

  • the shipping companies which are carrying out bunkering activity – 14;

  • the shipping companies making passenger traffic – 4;

  • the stevedoring companies – 38;

  • the ship-repair plants – 8.

Total length of inland waterways in borders of the Rostov region - 800.3 km.

In the territory of the Rostov region there are five ports.

Air transportation

Air transport of the Rostov region provides transportations of passengers and cargoes in interregional and international messages.

In the territory of the Rostov region new international airport of federal importance "Rostov-on-Don Airport (Platov)" which construction is completed in 2017, and the regional airport Taganrog — Youzhny (Taganrog) works.

Аэропортовый комплекс "Платов"

The main strategic directions in the sphere of air transport and development of its infrastructure are:

  • development of infrastructure and aerodrome environs of the Platov airport located in the territory of Grushevsky of the settlement of the Aksay district;

  • development of infrastructure of the Taganrog Youzhny airport, including construction of air terminal complex, installation of the radio engineering equipment, increase in category of the airport;

  • restoration and development in the territory of the Rostov region of the airports of local airlines, creation on their base of network of local and intraregional airlines.


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