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Power industry

The Rostov region is the power provided region and wins first place among regions - power producers of the Southern Federal District.

The power of the power plants located in the territory of the area is enough for a covering of loadings. Total rated capacity of power plants of the Rostov power supply system is more than 7,000 MW now. The main volume of electricity consumption is the share of the processing productions, municipal and agriculture, transport.

The main producer of electric energy in the Rostov region - The Rostov NPP in which commercial operation there are four power units with a total rated capacity of 4,030 MW.

Large source of electric energy is also the coal power plant "Novocherkassk state district power plant" which is  PJSC OGK — 2 branch, its rated capacity is 2,258 MW.

Electricity generation carries out also LLC Shakhtinskaya GTES with the rated volume of 96.9 MW.

Production of thermal energy by boiler houses, thermal and electric energy to combined heat and power plants, subsidiaries of PJSC Lukoil carry out: LLC LUKOIL-Rostovenergo which part 1 thermal power plant and 3 boiler houses, LLC Volgodonskaya teplovaya generation and also LLC Lukoil — Ecoenergo which part of property the Tsimlyansk hydroelectric power station is are.

In the Rostov power supply system 12,000 km of power lines of 110-500 kV, 2 substations of 500 kV, 27 substations of 220 kV and 284 substations of 110 kV function. Total rated capacity of transformers of 110-500 kV on these substations is 18,084.3 MVA.

Now power grid objects of 220, 330 and 500 kV are a component of the Uniform national power grid, their most part belongs to "Rosseti of FGC UES of MES of the South" branch.

The PJSC Rosseti South branch - Rostovenergo is included into the Unified Energy System (UES) of the North Caucasus and provides power supply of consumers of the Rostov region. The power supply system of area is connected with the Krasnodar and Kalmyk power supply systems of Unified Energy System of the North Caucasus, the Voronezh and Volgograd power supply systems of OES of the Center for intersystem communications of 220 - 500 kV of branch "Rosseti of FGC UES of MES of the South".

The PJSC Rosseti South branch - Rostovenergo carries out:

  • power supply of the industrial enterprises, objects of the social sphere and the population of the area at the voltage of 110 kV and below;
  • power supply of the electrified railroad with junction stations Rostov-on-Don, Bataysk, Dashing;
  • supply of electricity for work of the gas-compressor stations and main gas pipelines, oil pumping stations and the main oil pipelines passing across the territory of the area.

Primary activities of PJSC Rosseti South branch - Rostovenergo are: transportation of the electric power and connection of consumers of the electric power to distribution networks.

In an area of responsibility of PJSC Rosseti South branch - Rostovenergo 8 production offices are. Total length of the air and cable power lines served by the power company is about 75,000 km. The capital equipment of PJSC Rosseti South branch - Rostovenergo is more than 230 substations of 110 kV, about 330 substations of 35 kV and over 13,700 transformer substations of 6.10/0.4 kV.

The second power supplying organization which is carrying out the activity in the territory of the Rostov region is JSC Donenergo.

The main objective of JSC Donenergo - high-quality and uninterrupted electricity supply of the population, the industrial enterprises, objects of the social sphere, at the voltage of 0.4-10 kV. The Thermal Networks branch and 11 branches of interdistrict electrical networks is a part of JSC Donenergo.

Total length of electrical networks of JSC Donenergo is about 20 thousand km. The number of transformer substations and distribution points is 6,023 pieces.

In the territory of the region the activity is carried out by the power supply company PJSC TNS energo Rostov-na-Donu having the status of the guaranteeing supplier of electric energy.

Total power production for the first half of the year 2019 – 23,192 million kWh., total electricity consumption – 9,631 million kWh. that above indicators for the same period of 2018 for 10%.

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