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Register of municipal acts

A register of municipal regulations of the Rostov region is maintained since January 1, 2009 on the basis of the Federal law of 08.11.2007 No. 260-FZ "About Introduction of Amendments to Separate Acts of the Russian Federation in connection with the Organization and Maintaining the Register of Municipal Regulations" and the Regional law of 06.08.2008 No. 48-ZS "About the Register of Municipal Regulations of the Rostov Region".

The register represents the database which joins the regulations submitted by local governments and also various data on these acts (information on publication, judgments and the prosecutor's protests on the act, etc.). Legal expertize of municipal regulations is carried out.

The regulations adopted by bodies and officials of local government of all municipal units of the Rostov region (both urban districts and municipal districts, and rural and city settlements) are subject to inclusion in the register.

The register joins only the regulations, that is acts establishing the rules of conduct obligatory for an uncertain circle of people and calculated on numerous application. Acts of individual, administrative character (for example, about appointment and dismissal of workers, allocation of the land plots, etc.) are not subject to inclusion in the register.

Maintaining the register carries out the Government of the Rostov region.

The register of municipal regulations of the Rostov region is a component of the federal register of municipal regulations which conducts the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

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